The Pogrom and the dark side of the GOODWILL Ambassador violonist Alexandru Tomescu

Published previously in 19 february 2014 by gicacontra, a story about abuses that continues until today 2017

The Pogrom and the unseen face of violinist Alexandru Tomescu-

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If, in those days of sad memory, the Jews were being exterminated on Wagner’s music, a family of Jews from Romania, amongst which there is also a victim of the holocaust, is being forcedly evacuated on Bach’s music! By violinist Alexandru Tomescu.

alexandru tomescu str. grigore cobalcescu nr 13 Bucuresti
Iancu Jeny – str. Grigore Cobalcescu nr 13 Bucuresti – Alexandru Tomescu

The violinist’s pogrom starts by saying that my mother, Iancu Jeny, is attempting to live in the house that is most coveted, without any legal right, by  Tomescu Alexandru

Mrs. Iancu Jeny, victim of the holocaust, member of AERVH (Association of Romanian Jews, Victims of the Holocaust) is not facing such a sad situation for the first time; the Romanian State put this family in the street in the 40s for the simple fact that they were Jews.

Iancu Jeny
Iancu Jeny

This case of Mrs. Iancu Jeny was the subject of a major journalistic inquiry on the first page of a major newspaper in Romania, Evenimentul Zilei on 17.09.2018

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Television enquiry  by Mr. Paul Iurea at ” Vama Verde ” ( Part I ), on 2 July 2017 on ” Nasul TV ” with  Mr. Nicolae Moldoveanu, together with attorney’s Mr. Adrian Cuculis and Mr. Mădălin Penciu.

Today, even though the Romanian state admitted that sad era, there still are persons knowingly ignoring it and committing serious deeds with the support of criminal groups that include police agents, prosecutors, judges, executors, notaries, banks, the said Tomescu Alexandru , the law firm Stoica si Asociatii , and, finally, the deputy of the FSIE deputy command General Dan Chiriac , who commands this series from the shadows, though his intermediaries

But coming back to the subject matter of the article.

The apartment is part of a beautiful villa situated opposite Cișmigiu Park – we are the owners of one part of the villa, namely 2 rooms upstairs; the other half belonged, until 2011, to a family that obtained it following a claim.

grigore cobalcescu nr 13
13 – Grigore Cobalcescu street, Bucharest

Subsequently, that part of the villa was bought in 2011 by Alexandru Tomescu for the price of 100,000 Euro, and for another 50,000 Euro, Alexandru Tomescu also bought the right to demand indemnities from the State, respectively from A.N.R.P. (National Authority for Property Return). As far as I know, he allegedly bought that part of the villa without seeing it first.

The question arises, of course, who would buy part of a villa for 100.000 Euro without seeing it? Who would pay another 50,000 euro to receive indemnities from A.N.R.P.(National Authority for Property Return) without having “prepared the ground” first and without having the certainty that, in the end, they would do what they set their mind to. In the following lines, I will give you these answers.

It must be said that Tomescu Alexandru makes no endeavor to obtain indemnities from A.N.R.P. (National Authority for Property Return), as he has the right by contract; instead, he decides to obtain these indemnities from our family.

So it begins, directly and through intermediaries, an entire operation of terror that includes activities such as: interruption of utilities by illegal maneuvers in complicity with Apa Nova s.a, GDF Suez, illegal buildings without any permit, intentionally damaging the roof of our house in full winter, destruction, complaints with the police, settled by N.U.P. (Failure to begin criminal prosecution) in our favor, numerous notices through executors and actions before the court – 6 trials, that he lost, trials where he was represented by Mr. Valeriu Stoica’s law firm – former minister of justice. We are mentioning that, during every trial, this law firm asked the court to pay court costs of tens of millions of Old Lei!

After Alexandru Tomescu bought this apartment, we were contacted by his lawyer,

Radu Rosca , who informed us that he wished to meet us, together with Mr. Tomescu.

At the meeting, the two of them told me that they intended to buy our apartment, but we informed them we did not want to sell.

Later, we received an offer of 50,000 Euro for a land share of 159 sqm and for an apartment of 106 mp, considering that Mr. Alexandru Tomescu owns a share of only 84 sqm, for which he paid 100,000 Euro, according to the sale-purchase deed.

We have not answered this offer, and later, the two of them started a real blackmail and judicial terror situation, namely, shortly after we refused to sell, Tomescu, by his lawyer, contacted a friend of mine from Israel with the intention to blackmail him and myself, and thus to force us to sell the house for a very insignificant price. In a discussion used as evidence by Radu Rosca he admits that Tomescu Alexandru asked him to call my friend in Israel, and it is also Tomescu who found out his phone number in Israel, from the chairman of F.C.E.R. (Federation of Jewish Communities in Romania), Mr. Aurel Vainer.

My friend from Israel was also contacted by Florina Rosca – Florina Neagu an attorney from Bucharest  also in connection with this house.

Following our refusal, shortly after, the apartment was set on FIRE, and I.S.U. (Inspectorate for Situations of Emergency) from Bucharest acknowledged, in a report, that the fire had been set intentionally. Police Station no. 3 did not make any investigation and never heard me in this matter, and still, our apartment was set on fire twice during 1 year, and, each time, I.S.U. acknowledged that the fire had been set intentionally.

First fire – I.S.U. Report of 29.07.2011

incendiu 1

Second fire – I.S.U. Report of 12.01.2013

incendiu 2

It is interesting that, during the second fire, before a policeman of Police Station no. 3, I was addressed with the following phrase, and I quote: “Let them set all the Jews on fire, or else they will buy the entire street”, but the policeman on duty declined my request to identify the anti-Semitic citizen. On his turn, the policeman refused, contrary to the laws in force, to identify himself, claiming that he only identified himself before his Chief. As far as I found out, that policeman works at Police Station no. 3.

Both arsons where the subject of television debate on 12.03.2018   NASUL TV, with the lawyer  Adrian Cuculis and the journalist Eduard Ovidiu Ohanesian,

This is how violinist Tomescu Alexandru ’s pogrome against my family started

Following the first fire set intentionally (according to I.S.U. report), Alexandru Tomescu started, on 06.01.2013, to make construction and repair works without any authorization, even though he was in the protected area no. 43. For such properties, according to the Law 50/1991, it is absolutely necessary to obtain a permit, even for repair works. Any work carried out without these documents is considered to be an offense.

I filed a complaint for this offense, (acknowledged on the same day by inspectors of the City Hall, who ordered the interruption of all works until they became legal), for which, by abuse and failure to observe the Criminal Procedure Code, after filing the complaint, we were never heard, we were not given the right to bring witnesses, to bring evidence, and when we asked for answers, at the Police and at the Prosecutor’s Office, we received none; later we found out that, abusively, Prosecutor Beldie had ordered not to initiate the criminal pursuit in file 3309/P/2013, as she believed that an appellant did not have the right to prove their complaints by documents, witnesses, and did not have the right to be heard in the case.

I am hereby showing that, following these works, illegally initiated in lack of any authorization, our apartment was left for 2 weeks without a roof, and it was severely damaged by the heavy rains and snows of that time; currently, the apartment is destroyed by 90%.

We addressed the Inspection for Constructions and, following all lack of action by this institution, we went on a hearing at MDRAP (Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration), before the State Secretary Iulian Matache; the hearing was also attended by the chief of the control body for the Inspection for Constructions; the memo no. 86685/28.10.2013 was therefore registered. We never received any answer to this memo.

Violinist Alexandru Tomescu actions continues:

It is important to specify that, shortly after the fire and the destruction of our roof, by so-called unauthorized repairs, following this abuse, we addressed the Minister of Minister of Regional Development and Public Administration Mr Liviu Dragnea ((minister in whose suborder is the   ISC – State Construction Inspection ) but this gentleman refused to answer our petition for 1 year, and also refused to answer our hearing request, that had been filed legally and that included our reasonable motivations.

It is not by chance that, in the same interval of time, I was contacted by Liviu Dragnea’s godfather, Mr. Petre Gainescu, former employee of USLA – the current   ANTITERRORISM BRIGADE OF THE ROMANIAN INTELLIGENCE SERVICE  and he understood to threaten us and intimidate us in the most direct manner, by saying to us, and I quote:

…”Liviu Dragnea is my godson … the people that you are fighting with are very highly situated and you’d better stop filing so many complaints, because you are not alone here, you also have your mother, Iancu Jeny, and your brother, and it would be a pity that they suffer”…this discussion may be proven.

It is most ironic that this gentleman, Liviu Dragnea, who, in the meantime, was also convicted, and who received the highest distinction of the European Jewish Congress, without proper investigations carried out by this institution, to check what this gentleman was really dealing with, and without making investigations concerning this entire criminal group in Romania.

Violinist Alexandru Tomescu actions continues:

Coincidence or not, since Tomescu Alexandru became our neighbor, in only 6 (six) months we registered 30,000 lei debt for electric power supply. And 26,000 lei for water, and the gas pipeline has been cut by an electric cutting machine. Let us be understood, we are not in one of those stories of underground clans trying to reave our house, my neighbor presumes to be a man of culture, not of canabis!

Therefore, the water supply was interrupted and, in surprise, we found out from Apa Nova that my attorney-in-fact in the relation with Apa Nova was the lawyer Rosca Radu, who, in fact, is the lawyer of Mr. Tomescu, and I do not recall empowering him in any way!Technically, we were presented documents issued by Apa Nova, where it is written very clearly, next to my name, on the Apa Nova chart of interruption of supplies, that I have a lawyer, in the person of lawyer Rosca Radu.

Coincidence or not, the complaint for forgery and usage of forgery has been settled by prosecutor Florina Lucan, who concludes, in brief, that “THE DEED DOES NOT EXIST”. Apa Nova behaves as Mr. Tomescu’s lawyer and repeatedly refuses to communicate to me information that I am entitled to know, therefore Apa Nova refuses to communicate to me the water supply interruption report, the interruption chart, the statement of payments and, ultimately, it informs me before the court that my representative in the relation with Apa Nova is the lawyer Rosca Radu, who is the attorney-in-fact of Alexandru Tomescu (I would like to specify that the two of them have no contract signed with Apa Nova).

Likewise, Apa Nova, to cover the abuses of Mr. Tomescu, sends me false documents through a mediation office (Ardeleanu and Associates); technically, we receive an invitation to mediation, with acknowledgement of receipt, which was already signed for receipt, naturally by somebody else; we notified the Police, but I am not surprised that this complaint has most likely been forgotten in some drawer for more than 1 year. What is interesting is that this envelope has been brought to me on Saturday, a day when the mail is never delivered, and it is not delivered by our postman, whom we know for more than 10 years, but by a man whom we have never seen before.

In the same manner, after settling the trial with Apa Nova at the First Instance Court of District 1 of Bucharest, this file 33633/299/2014 simply DISAPPEARS from the records of this first instance court, and the only thing that is given to me by this court is a very DRY answer stating that this file can no longer be found!!! I am not surprised that this happened precisely after Apa Nova submitted, together with the written conclusions, a forged document against which we were determined to press charges; but, since this file has disappeared, it can no longer be investigated.

Violinist Alexandru Tomescu actions continues:

Even though, as regards the gas, we succeeded in irrevocably winning a trial, they abusively refused to reconnect us, after our connection, paid by us more than 10 years ago, was abusively taken over by Alexandru Tomescu. Even on the express request to reconnect us, filed to ANPC, GDF Suez refuses to do so.

Violinist Alexandru Tomescu actions continues:

In 2012, Tomescu Alexandru files an action by which he claims our app., in file 52217/299/2012, action rejected by the court as ungrounded, both on the merits, at the First Instance Court of District 1 of Bucharest, and for appeal, at the Bucharest Law Court, where Tomescu Alexandru was represented by no other than Valeriu Stoica, the former minister of justice who, through his pleading, if it may be called so, made the entire audience burst into laughter.

Violinist Alexandru Tomescu actions continues:

Tomescu Alexandru files two actions before the court (19061/299/2013 and 19072/299/2013), where he demands our eviction, even though he owned no title over our apartment, both actions being rejected as ungrounded and remaining irrevocable by not using any way of attack

Violinist Alexandru Tomescu actions continues:

Alexandru Tomescu made a compliant in which he misinformed the police that we are living in his house illegally after police research-inquiry and based on evidence that we provided his complaint was dismissed as not proved and illegal in case number 17971/P/2013 because he did not prove those false claims in the complaint.

Violinist Alexandru Tomescu actions continues:

Consequently, Alexandru Tomescu abusively files a complaint to the police, where he alleges the lack of use in file no. 17971/P/2013, a file which, following investigations, is settled with N.U.P., because it does not provide evidence to support the false allegations written in the complaint.

The Pogrom of violinist Alexandru Tomescu continues

After losing the previous trials and after the failure to obtain our house for free, seeing that we have not given in to his threats, blackmail and judicial terror, Tomescu Alexandru buys an outstanding debt (authenticated by Office of Independent Notary Alexandra Liuba Liliana with no. 551/28.10.2014) of mine with Banca Transilvania and illegally executes it in files 32504/301/2014 and 25536/299/2014. The courts reject the action of foreclosure as ungrounded. The assignment contract is edited in only one copy (it is not communicated as stipulated by the parties to the contract and it is unlawful) and it contains several wordings that violate the laws in force.

As regards the outstanding debt assignment contract with no. 551/28.10.2014 authenticated by Office of Independent Notary Alexandra Liuba Liliana, I would like to show that Alexandra Liuba Liliana has already been arraigned, together with several defendants, in file no. 6632/2/2013/a10 – file of BRD bankers for offenses of initiation, constitution of an organized criminal group, adhesion to or support of such a group (Law 39/2003 art. 7), and she is the one who executed the documents for the land transactions of Nana.

Interview at Radio International Deutschland of 21.02.2017, where the topic is the involvement of the Romanian Intelligence Service in the unlawful actions of Mr. Tomescu Alexandru to acquire this property.

Following these deeds that we have described, Mr. Radu Fatulescu, member of the National Liberal Party, published a journalist investigation. Following the publishing of this investigation, he was threatened at the office of the National Liberal Party of district 2, on the initiative of the deputy of the Foreign Intelligence Service, general Dan Chiriac (I am hereby attaching the interview given to Mrs. Bianca Nae at the TV station Antena 3.)

Alexandru Tomescu pogrom continues:

Tomescu Alexandru is again trying to execute my outstanding debt with Banca Transilvania in file 39966/299/2014 and here unlawfully the court agrees with the foreclosure (it must be mentioned that all the 3 foreclosure files have the same parties, the same object, contain the same documents, but have different final decisions! Files 32504/301/2014; 25536/299/2014 and 39966/299/2014); it is quite impossible that there are 3 files with the same parties, same cause and same documents, but with different final decisions!

Violinist Alexandru Tomescu actions continues

We asked for the suspension of the execution until the settlement of the opposition to execution. By the session report in file 46766/299/2014, the execution in file 39966/299/2014 is suspended.

Violinist Alexandru Tomescu actions continues:

We worded an opposition to the execution, that was settled by rejecting it as ungrounded, as it had been settled without attaching it to the file ordering the execution, according to the law (file 45288/299/2014); therefore, the file that we are opposing (39966/299/2014) has not been on the judge’s table the moment when the final decision was given.

Violinist Alexandru Tomescu actions continues:

Starting with that date, although the decision is not final, and the execution is unlawfully suspended, Mr. Tomescu, through the Office of the Legal Receiver Somildoc Paula Daniela, does whatever he can to throw my mother, Iancu Jeny, victim of the holocaust, out of the house

Violinist Alexandru Tomescu actions continues:

In parallel with these actions, this criminal group sends as representative the enterprise Baby spa owned by Mr. Dan Stroe, former procurement manager of the National Tax Administration Authority (who was caught with 600,000 Euro cash in his safe box) , enterprise that, through its manager, Anca Grecu, is unsuccessfully attempting to frame me an embezzlement file.

The intermediate of this transaction is no other than Cornel Bortan, the owner of Bacos enterprise, who previously tried to do this through Alpha Rochas at Otopeni Airport and through the consulting firm Soter s.a.

I have not gone forward with the challenge, but Mr. Cornel Bortan would not let it go, and he asks me without any explanation to sign a lease contract for the precise villa most coveted by Mr. Tomescu Alexandru, which I obviously refuse.

Shortly after, no other than Magda Stroe, the deputy manager of I.C.R. London (Romanian Cultural Institute) shows up out of the blue, trying, the same as the others, to frame an embezzlement file on me; shortly after my refusal to work with I.C.R. London, all my online contacts with I.C.R. London are blocked, even though, before this refusal, I had been catalogued even by Mrs. Magda Stroe as …“a TOP artist”…

Please note their limited circle, and I say so because it started being created after general Dan Chiriac of the Foreign Intelligence service was ordered to leave USA in 1990, and found a nice little warm place at the Embassy of Romania in London (according to his public biography).

I addressed a request for an appointment with Chairman Aurel Vainer, where I thought (in my naivety) that I might receive support and counseling.

Thus, on 23.04.2014, I made a request for an appointment together with my mother.

This request has not received any answer for 6 months, and my attempt for a response generated very harsh reactions, even from the counselor of chairman Aurel Vainer, Mr. Silvian Horn, to whom I have asked, during a meeting at the office of F.C.E.R. (Federation of Jewish Communities of Romania), to tell me the reason why such an appointment was refused to me. His answer baffled both me, and my mother, and I quote: “if you insist, I will call security to kick you out” – a threat made before the two secretaries of F.C.E.R. This is how the directors of this community understand to lead and represent the few of us that are still around. Mr. Silvian Horn had reasons to make such a gesture, because, before this entire POGROM began, a person in the entourage of the said Tomescu interceded with F.C.E.R. to find out whether my house was in the care of F.C.E.R. upon contract. This has been confirmed to me by Mr. Horn himself, in a discussion that he and I had and which I can demonstrate. Later, when Mr. Silvian Horn saw that, in this regard, I was asking for an appointment, and that things started to get complicated, he denied us having such a conversation.

After 6 months, following certain endeavors, I was received for a hearing by Chairman Aurel Vainer, when I could explain to him the issues that my family and I were confronting with, and I submitted to his office a request to make intercessory, on our behalf, with the Commission of Abuses, with the Legal Commission and with the Commission of Defense of the Parliament. He ensured me that he would do so.

Today, 1 year and 2 months after that meeting, I have received no answer, although I requested this 3 times in writing.

By phone and verbally, at the office of F.C.E.R. (Federation of Jewish Communities of Romania), Mr. Vexler, on an arrogant and mocking tone, told me such intercessory cannot be made officially, and there was no registration number for the 3 files I had submitted to the 3 commissions, and my problem was not under the competence of F.C.E.R. (Federation of Jewish Communities of Romania). Not to mention the raunchy behavior, lacking all respect, and the offensive language of the guards at the office of F.C.E.R, who have behaved abusively even since I filed the requests. At my last visit at the office of F.C.E.R., even in the presence of Mr. Vexler, the guards aggressed us verbally and forbade our access, while Mr. Vexler was present, but claimed that it was not his problem that the security guards would not let us enter the office of F.C.E.R. (guards that we pay from our contribution). I certainly wonder why this community is called the Jewish Community, if it has no relation with its members?

I would like to specify that our family also interceded with C.N.C.D. (National Council for Fight against Discrimination), where I found out that, in the opinion of the State Secretary Gheorghiu Luminita, such manifestations, abuses or violations of the law are merely a way by which people may freely express their opinion!

Naturally, I wonder?

Is the Pogrom of violinist Alexandru Tomescu still continuing?

We are coming back with an update: the answer is yes!

On 08.02.2016, the Ambassador of GOODWILL, Tomescu Alexandru, through the Office of the Judicial receiver Paula Somildoc, intends to put on sale 2 rooms situated on the 1st floor, for the ridiculous amount of: 15,000 Euro – I will also write it in letters, so there is no confusion: fifteen thousand euro.

The bidding had already taken place, and the only participant was Tomescu Alexandru, who obviously wan it!

Because, as he stated at court through the law firm Stoica and Associates, “…our client can no longer wait, he needs money”…however, Tomescu Alexandru is not the holder of this outstanding debt, but the bank is, from which he bought the debt precisely for these purposes – BTR but the bank never attempted to put the apartment on sale for such a ridiculous amount. Not to mention that he bought the debt for 7500 Euro to execute it with 15,000 Euro and the interest of 38 %, a true AMBASSADOR OF GOODWILL

At a simple search on the internet, I noticed that it is a modus operandi of the Ambassador of Goodwill, Tomescu Alexandru, to participate in biddings, competitions etc. all by himself; it is how he acquired the Stradivarius violin, following a competition where he was the only participant, as demonstrated by this material:

Update 17.02.2016:

Today, 17.02.2016, the First Instance Court of District 1 Bucharest admitted our action against the ordinances of the Prosecutor’s Office subordinated to the First Instance Court of District 1 of Bucharest, I quote:

The summarized solution: on the grounds of art. 341 para (6) letter b of the Criminal Procedure Code, it admits the complaint filed by the appellant MOLDOVEANU NICOLAE. It cancels the classification solution ordered by Ordinance no. 14008/P/2013 of 23.07.2015 and preserved by Ordinance no. 2083/ll-2/2015 of 14.09.2015 of the Prosecutor’s Office subordinated to the First Instance Court of District 1 of Bucharest. It refers the case to the Prosecutor’s Office subordinated to the First Instance Court of District 1 of Bucharest, in order to complete the criminal pursuit, under the aspect of committing the offenses stipulated by art. 193 para. (2) of the Law no. 123/2012, with application of art. 5 of the Criminal Code and art. 228-229 para. (3) of the Criminal Code, with application of art. 5 of the Criminal Code, with application of art. 38 of the Criminal Code. On the grounds of art. 276 para. (1) of the Criminal Procedure Code, it rejects the petition to grant court costs, worded by the respondent Tomescu Alexandru as ungrounded. Upon art. 275 para. (3) of the Criminal Procedure Code, the judicial expenses remain in the charge of the State. Final. Given in the council room meeting, today, 17.02.2016. Document: Final conclusion (cancellation of designation) 17.02.2016

The respondent of the action is Tomescu Alexandru, who is investigated for illegal connection to the gas mains, theft and qualified theft of gas, at the address of 13 Grigore Cobalcescu street, where he wishes to forcedly evacuate Mrs. Iancu Jeny and her family.

Technically, the ground floor apartment belonging to Tomescu Alexandru was connected to our gas pipeline, which was upstairs, without any permit, contract and without our consent, according to the law.

The decision of the First Instance Court of District 1 of Bucharest concerning the illegal connection of Tomescu Alexandru to our gas connection has been taken over by Puterea newspaper:

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this case is also the subject of an investigation made by Puterea newspaper:

puterea online tomescu

the first article published in Criteriul National newspaper of 27.07.20176

the second article published in Criteriul National newspaper of 17.03.2017

and in the daily, article of 03.04.2017

The enterprise RCS-RDS also contributed to these offenses, which set up in my office an altered modem with unlimited traffic to the Romanian Intelligence Service and to the National Anti-Corruption Department.

Notified by phone and in writing, the enterprise RCS – RDS denies the presence, in my office, of an RDS team that arrived, in fact, at my office with a machine bearing the RDS logo, to make a so-called “UPGRADE”.



The article below reveals that Tomescu Alexandru is a franc mason member of the National Grand Lodge of Romania (MLNR)

Article in Israel 411 media channel

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The Pogrom and the dark side of the GOODWILL Ambassador violonist Alexandru Tomescu